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Why I bought Zinus mattress this year

Let’s start from customer reviews.

I decided the mattress was too firm to sleep on so I purchased a cool foam stuffed mattress topper and this has made all the difference. My old mattress had a memory foam topper and it was so hot! I would wake up in the night sweating and then be cold once I got rid of the blankets. No good. This mattress is very cool. I have a light synthetic down comforter and I’m totally comfortable. Desperate for a sleep, we bought out home mattress out to the trailer, same width, about 6 inches longer, 4-5 inches higher. Good sleep, but crawling over each other to get into bed was not great (mattress went right up to wall at head and foot). So when we got back I suggested we buy a new mattress for the trailer.

  • Most mattresses that are guaranteed for 20 never make it that long. Said that they first night they spent back home, all their aches came back. It will sink a bit when sitting on the edge but it springs right back up and when laying down it distributes weight perfectly.
  • I have had it for one month now and after a week of adjusting from my terrible old broken down pillow top bed I can’t say that I am not happy with the bed. I then slept on it for two weeks post partum and loved it maybe more than my actual bed! I also used it for naps while pregnant and it supported my pregnant tummy so well too.
  • There was however little smell associated with airing out a new mattress, which was great. By the end of the first weekend, I was golden and the mattress had risen completely the whole way around.
  • I am very pleased with the product especially for the low price point which is about half what you will pay at places like Mattress Firm. Mattress firm electric adjustable platform bed frames are $800.00.

We’re still experiencing that chemical foam smell, a couple of weeks into it. The mattress is covered with a really nice jacquard cover that looks very nice. I covered mine with a mattress protector right away to hopefully preserve it as long as posssible. I sure don’t smell any essence of green tea or whatever that was supposed to be all about. It’s like an industrial foam smell. It never really bothered me much, though I was a tad concerned at what the smell actually was. But it eventually goes away. It was nicely packaged with a plastic bag and then placed in a white canvas-type “sack”. I recommend leaving it in the plastic into you have it in place as it makes it easy to move around.